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Tibor Szemző returns with a new album, based on the music for his film about historic figure Alexander Csoma. Tibor Szemző is a Hungarian composer, performer, media artist. Recently his album Snapshots From The Island (1987) gained renewed interest. Over the years, Tibor Szemzo continued composing classical/electronic works. His pieces often include spoken texts, film, and other media. He creates installations and composes music for his own and others' films. Csoma, his new album, is based on the music for this film about Alexander Csoma. Alexander set up to research the origin of the Hungarians 200 years ago. During his student years, before he enrolled in college, he and two fellow students vowed to go to Central Asia to discover the origins of their nation. In the first thirty-five years of his life, he spent his humble pilgrimage in Asia traveling and studying with Buddhist priests in Tibet in isolation, and devoted the remaining eleven years of his life to publishing some of the material he had collected in India. Now on the 200th anniversary, Szemző's cinematic opera wishes to pay tribute to Alexandar Csoma. Over the course of two vinyl sides classical and acoustic instruments are mixed with angelic voices, spoken word in German, Hungarian, and English. Sounding like vintage Tibor Szemzo compositions, vividly performed by the Gordian Knot Company and the Voces Aequales Ensemble.


Title: Csoma
Genre: Jazz
Artist(s): Tibor Szemzo
Label: Fodderbasis
Release Date: 5/22/2020
Product Type: LP
UPC: 769791976108
Item #: 2276734X


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