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Mephisto Island
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The Tiger Club have this record out, Mephisto Island, and you know it has to be available on vinyl somewhere, otherwise, it'd be simply criminal. Something so perfectly throw back and lovingly performed should be a staple for any hip young professional or couple's brand new hi-fi. M. Alberto Rivera, Indie Music Habanera: I had to do an arrangement of this well-known Bizet melody for a toy product I was working on (in my other life as a composer of music for toys). Previously, I had re-purposed the nursery rhyme "Hey-Diddle-Diddle" for the band on our first album, also from a toy arrangement. The "Carmen" piece seemed like a similar good fit for the Tiger Club. The arrangement is primarily for a skeleton core group of Tigers, along the lines of the instrumentation for most of our early shows (seven or eight players). As an opening tune, it affords a recognizable melody for the listener, who will subsequently be asked to latch onto and approve of my original tunes that follow... Showdown at Mezcal Flats: This song is the theme for an imagined TV western, "The Arizonan". I took it pretty much down the 60's road of marrying electric guitar with a more orchestrated backing arrangement. Cal Ball (nylon guitar) added the "Apache" flavor using the acoustic nylon for the bookends of the tune. Green Goddess: There are two elegies contained in this record. The first to address is for my good friend and mentor, Geoff Cooper. "Green Goddess" is the first song of an elegiac trilogy, "Return of Dr. Mabuse". That handle was Geoff's pseudonym. In writing this group of three songs, including "Order of the Seeing Eye", and the "Lair of Dr. Mabuse"(later included), the overall theme and package for "Mephisto Island" made themselves manifest. Adventure, Danger, Intrigue, Lust, the Black Arts: all part of Geoff Cooper's persona, now become part of the Tiger Club lexicon. "Green Goddess" portrays the deceptively cloying lure to the earthly pleasures which the evil Dr. Mabuse offers in return for complete obeisance to his sinister schemes. Apeliotes: "Apeliotes" is a minor wind-god of the Greeks, southeast to be specific. Minor because he-she is not one of the major compass points. The Tiger Club always likes to give props to even the most obscure and least significant deities (of all pantheons). I meant for this piece to be an organ feature with a simple groove and some exotic percussion. Somehow it got way out of hand, to the point where it absolutely HAD to have a full complement of strings along with other contents of the proverbial kitchen sink. We're all glad for that. Lemon Zest: A simple swingin' sixties style "half-latin-half-Hollywood" party song. No animal testing was used in this recording. The band is wearing scarves and "acceptable" Beatle boots while performing this. The in-studio go-go cage girls are in white patent leather knee-boots, mini-skirts, and Carnaby Street caps. Highballs served in the Tonga Room adjacent. BYOG. Entrance of the Tigers: I wrote this as a "processional" for the band. The form and melody are extremely simple by design; as an opener, it would serve to allow the band to warm-up and ramp-up. Although we didn't open the album with it, it gives the listener a realistic flavor of a live Tiger Club show, sort of a "Tiger Club Primer". Behind the 7th Veil: This was one of the first pieces I wrote for the second album after we had finished the first. I knew the next record would have some sort of adventure theme so I wanted to have a sultry, exotic, hookah-smoke-filled entry. This was more or less a simple piano tune that we filled in with other Tiger Club elements. Bass clarinet was a happy accidental afterthought. This is the world in which most of the Mephisto Island songs live, regardless of appearances. Order of the Seeing Eye: This is the second song of the Dr. Mabuse trilogy. While on the surface it seems rather light-hearted, it's actually a sort of "Witch's Sabbath" where all the members of the Doctor's secret evil order are reveling at their temple, preparing for more reckless (yet profitable) mischief. Mambo Cheena: This is the second elegy of the two I mentioned. Taken from life at the early age of 26, Raquel Thomson was our next-door neighbor, friend, and surrogate daughter. Her nickname amongst her family was "Cheena". As they are an extended Latino family who has included us in countless family gatherings and celebrations (along with KILLER homemade Mexican food), I came up with the title before I started writing the song. I soon realized I was absolutely inept at performing a mambo piano pattern, so I took about a year to teach myself the piano part of this song before we recorded it. I was trying to achieve a light, breezy atmosphere, which is what Raquel brought to every room she entered. EZ Bake: The Tiger Club had an upcoming date where I knew there would be a significant Latino presence and I didn't feel I had enough material that would cross over to that taste. I'd been listening to more reggaeton at that time, so I wrote a "lounge-reggaeton" Tiger Club style to premiere at the show. The horn head was pretty traditional, so I interjected a space-pop bridge to give the arrangement more TC distinction. Brad Hughes plays a sax solo that could ONLY be performed BY HIM and on the fly. Lair of Dr. Mabuse: The third entry and finale of the trilogy. Fittingly, it is one of the late Dr.'s best friends, Craig Kupka, performing the signature trombone theme. The most overblown of any arrangement we've ever tried. I like to think Geoff (Dr. Mabuse) would approve of the unwieldy bloat of this piece with his name on it. It portrays the hidden lagoon and hideout of the evil Doctor, from whence all his plans are hatched, all his black arts are practiced, all his enemies are imprisoned, all his henchmen are housed.


Title: Mephisto Island
Genre: Pop
Artist(s): The Tiger Club
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/14/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 888174739946
Item #: 1423800X
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