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The CD has a remarkable artwork, designed by saf visuals. It comes in a traditional vinyl cover (so it's larger than a normal CD box). Recording & mixing engineer: Tony Roe Mastering engineer: Peter Brussee The CD was recorded during a very warm summer week in Amsterdam. The temperature in the studio was already high in the morning, and slowly rose during the day. The members of Tin Men and the Telephone share great enthusiasm and a belief that there is much space to disclose in improvised music. Three musicians, who grew up with modern classical, hip hop, balkan rhythms and contemporary forms, present jazz in a new guise. Seductive, funny, challenging, wicked - but always with great musical depth and strong rhythms. For people who want to hear ... and see something new. Because for TM&T it is obvious that music comes with images. The repertoire? A complete translation of Messiaen's Danse de la Fureur in jazz jargon, a surprising arrangement of Nokia ringtones, music by and for animals, and nostalgic piece of old-time jazz. In the performance of TM&T the everyday life environment is a source of musical and theatrical / visual inspiration. Elements that normally go unnoticed or are just annoying, are picked up and incorporated in the performance: queues of service lines, directions from car navigation, ring-tones, a screaming football reporter, abrasive and rumbled traffic noise, but also animal sounds - for TM&T they are all useful. Through the subtle and unobtrusive use of new techniques, music and ambient sound are brought together so close that dialogues appear and novel experience emerge. The line-up: Tony Roe - piano and electronics, Lucas Dols - double bass, Borislav Petrov - drums.


Title: Moetjenou?!
Genre: Jazz
Artist(s): Tin Men & the Telephone
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/25/2011
Product Type: LP
UPC: 8715777008020
Item #: 146985X
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