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Defy the Skies
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Spanning the gap between various forms of metal, Vancouver based Unleash the Archers aren't new to bending the rules. With all of the aggression of blackened death metal, but all of the grace and intricacies of traditional power metal, this five piece are anything but conventional. Frontwoman Brittney Slayes isn't walking the line that so many female vocalists before her have, choosing to go outside the proverbial box and deliver a performance that is more than basic sultry vocal patterns. What you are left with is a finished product that is both polished and raw, beautiful and frightening, and done with all the savvy of a seasoned veteran. On their new EP, the three song offering titled 'Defy The Skies,' they throw the rule book out the window. Sad to say, but it has become all too common to make assumptions on the style of a band, simply because of the gender of their lead singer. True, there are a lot more Within Temptation's out there than there are Arch Enemy's. Unleash the Archers, however, defy that stereotype, and defy genre tagging in general. Slayes and company are building something special here, something that could help to drag conventional metalheads kicking and screaming into a new dynasty. They have taken all of the style and grace that comes with having a female lead, and smashed head first into versatile and complex song writing, leaving behind any doubts of their skill. The three songs on 'Defy The Skies' may be the start of something big. - Darrell Carey, SorrowEternal.blogspot.ca Unleash the Archers have literally come out of nowhere, aka western Canada, with one and only mission: to blow your mind and tickle your ear drums. With previous releases "Behold The Devastation" and "Demons Of The Astrowaste" they have shown underground metal fans that there is no limit to being diverse. Their sound is distinct where they find the optimal moment to fuse death metal and power metal perfectly. They are also unafraid to add in other metal subgenre elements that turn their music into a must have and listen worthy. They are fronted by super-siren Brittney Slayes along with her army of tactful warriors: Brady D. and Grant Truesdell on Guitar and Vocals, Brad Kennedy on Bass, and Scott Buchanan on Drums... "Defy The Skies" is a smart little release of 3 songs that carry on their sound and catchy melodies... As a huge fan of this band I also suggest you get your hands on their first two albums "Behold The Devastation" and "Demons Of The Astrowaste" especially if you are a power metal buff. You won't be disappointed. - Lindsay Schoolcraft, SonicCathedral.com Unleash the Archers are a quintet that know how to melt faces. Their style of metal seamlessly combines death elements with power vocals, thrash riffs with breakdowns, blackened screams with the walking bass lines of British heavy metal. They've shared the stage with 3 Inches Of Blood, Dismember, The Faceless, Leaves Eyes, Blackguard, Stratovarius... The band is not confined to one genre, but instead strives to span them all. They play metal, plain and simple. They've been ripping it up across Canada for the last five years and have built a huge coast-to-coast fanbase. This summer they toured the rest of North America and brought their new wave of heavy metal to the US and Mexican masses. Their enthusiasm on stage is contagious, their charisma is catching, and they bring an exciting live show every time they play, no matter where they are or who shows up. Brittney works the merch booth every night and is always down to chat, and the boys will be drinking at the bar right along side you (shots are very much appreciated ;). UTA are extremely hard working, they've always got a project on the go, whether it's new songs, a music video or new artwork to add to your t-shirt collection. Ever changing, never slowing down, they are driven by their immeasurable love of music, and united in their quest for success. UTA recently released a three track EP titled 'Defy The Skies' on 7' vinyl, and it is a great example of the new direction they are taking with their music. Immediately following the release of the EP, UTA hit the road; with dates ranging from Vancouver to LA, on to Mexico City, through New York and Toronto, the tour was the largest undertaking of their career. In May 2011 their sophomore album 'Demons Of The AstroWaste' was released to rave reviews and a massively positive reception. The subsequent tour across Canada was a roaring success, and included 40+ dates from Victoria BC all the way to Charlottetown PEI. This 12 track concept album was recorded at Vogville Studios and Harbourside Studios with Nick Engwer, and vocals were done at the Hive Soundlab with Stu McKillop of Rain City Recorders. Album artwork was completed by JP Fournier (Blind Guardian, Immortal, Dragonforce, etc;) In August 2009 Unleash the Archers released their first full studio album titled 'Behold The Devastation', recorded by Jason Martin of OmegaMediaCore Studios in Richmond BC. The album also features artwork by JP Fournier and is comprised of eight gripping tracks, all written over their first two years as a band. Future plans for the band include another music video and a new album to be written this winter.


Title: Defy the Skies
Genre: Heavy Metal
Artist(s): Unleash the Archers
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/31/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 613505480026
Item #: 469072X
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