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Salem's Rise
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The inaugural release in Gotta Groove Records' OH Wax series is the 1985 album by Dayton, Ohio's Witch - entitled Salem's Rise, originally self-released through the label Eargasm Productions. Notes from original executive producer and founder of Eargasm Records, Tim Grogean: Ted George and I were introduced in 1984 when he came to my studio in Dayton Ohio asking me to Produce a single for him. He was a shredding guitarist and song writer from Versailles Ohio. Ted yearned to write an album and I was looking for a project to present to larger Record companies in LA and NY. Songwriting and rehearsals started in Versailles Ohio, many nights jamming in the basement of brothers Tony and Dave Chappie. Tony on drums and Dave on Bass were completed by Ted and vocalist Ace Mathews. Pre-production was done at Eargasm studios. Many of long nights and heavy parties ensued for then next month as the band hammered out the 10 songs on Witch "Salem's Rise". The instruments fell in very solid with Ted's fast guitar work and solid rhythm section. The recording at Audio Productions in New Carlisle Ohio had Tim and Mike Niklas engineering. Tim was the Executive Producer as well as assisted in song writing and guitar. It was Mastered at QCA in Cincinnati, Ohio (where it was also originally manufactured on vinyl as well). Tony Chappie and I wrote the drum solo and incomparable pianist Larry "LD" Hampshire again came to Ted's side for the keyboards. Most of the musicians involved continued to play and record to this day. Ted went on to front many bands and work with artists like Rick Derringer. He is now known as "Fast Eddie" due to his freakish speed on the guitar. The Chappie brothers eventually became businessmen, and less is known about the future for singer Ace Mathews. "LD" continued to play in bands with Tim and record in Dayton area studio's. I went on to work with bands like Rush, Sponge, Days of the New, Sun; and I continue to record and tour in my band Amplified.


Title: Salem's Rise
Genre: Heavy Metal
Artist(s): Witch
Label: Eargasm
Release Date: 10/19/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 659696488816
Item #: 2100052X


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