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'Jello Biafra-style howl over a frenetic, fuzzy punk blast that would even make The White Mice pause as to the sanity of it's inclusion on an album. It is irredeemably, spectacularly horrid and it rules - fans of adventurous noise rock will love it, and for all it's foul ugliness, few bands match the adrenalin surge you'll get from pumping this' - Sonic Abuse 'I gotta say that even though it's a brand spanking new record, I felt like I had gotten one of those old classics I'm always searching high and low for...a modern classic' - Mustard Relics 'Lacey Smith abuses a moog like it pissed on the rug and the way Vincent Presley yelps like Jello Biafra accosting you in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. I'd never go so far to say that Zebras sound like The Meatmen, Dead Kennedys, The Cramps, or The Jesus Lizard because there's too much manic metal in what they do, but they certainly share the same eye-poppin', razor-trippin' spirit' - Broken Beard 'On the surface, Zebras' music feels like Nineties noise rock the way it was done by bands signed to Amphetamine Reptile and Alternative Tentacles, but closer attention shows that they do with their very own means. The vocals are fiercely high and close to hysterical, and splendidly match the angular, unpredictable music. At times one might feel reminded of Jello Biafra with a more psychedelic outlook.' - Disagreement 'Despite the overwhelming sense of despair that permeates the LP, it's the sort of album that just sits on your turntable. Listen to the Impending Doom side, flip over, listen to The Fate of the World Plagued By Soulless Shits side, repeat. It's the sound of your mind trapped in an unending downward spiral, going to all the dark places you're afraid to go yourself.' - Rock Star Journalist 'five seconds into the song Black Cancer and I was sold. I don't listen to a whole lot of noise rock, I'm simplifying here, but what I love about the style it the attitude, not like hardcore or punk where I love the energy, but the attitude. I love it when you can just hear the snarl and the spit coming forth from the vocalist. It just has so much passion, and energy, in it that I just can't ignore it. It's vibrant, even when they're playing more of a sludge based song, it's alive and things just feel like they're moving. The attitude of just playing with everything you've got, I can almost feel the intensity with which these guys are playing their instruments.' - Don't Count On it Reviews Started in 2007 by Vincent Presley and Lacey Smith as a four piece. The bass player quit before the first tour forcing Moogs to take over the low end. Zebras released Parasitic Clones Under The Strong Arm Of The Robotic Machine as a limited edition split LP / CD and toured the states many times in the following couple years. In early 2010 Zebras parted with their drummer and later that year brought in two IFIHADAHIFI members to cover drums and additional synth noise. After one song for a compilation CD and another tour Zebras stripped back down to a three piece, this time bringing in Shane Hochstetler from Call Me Lightning, Managra, Hero Of A Hundred Fights, and Haymarket Riot. The 2012 self titled album is made up of two parts or mini albums. One side of songs (Impending Doom) with the new line-up and one side (The Fate Of A World Plagued By Soulless Shits) with the original three piece line-up.


Title: Zebras
Genre: Heavy Metal
Artist(s): Zebras
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/1/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 887516957246
Item #: 639414X
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