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Deftones - Vinyl Bundle

Deftones were one of the first groups to alternate heavy riffs and screamed vocals with more ethereal music and hushed singing -- spawning a fair amount of imitators in their wake.

Exclusive Deftones vinyl bundle featuring five of the alt-metal band’s most acclaimed studio albums including the chart-topping, Grammy®-winning double-LP White Pony

•    FIVE critically acclaimed Deftones studio albums on vinyl for one great price!
•    54 heavy tracks on 6 slabs o’ wax!
•    Diamond Eyes pressed on white vinyl
•    Quality vinyl pressings available for the first time in years


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Since their inception, Grammy®-winning alternative band Deftones have quietly been pursuing two paths, delivering songs defined by churning, double-fisted aggression while also quietly testing the boundaries of music by incorporating elements of psychedelia and shoegaze. Their platinum-certified, Billboard chart-topping 2000 album White Pony earned raves for blending the moodiness of bands like The Cure and Slowdive, but the group has only gotten more experimental since then, evincing a clear restlessness with convention and repetition.

The Albums:

Deftones 1997 seminal sophomore album available for the first time on 180g vinyl! Sacramento's Deftones much-anticipated second album, Around The Fur, is a furious, hard-hitting blast of confrontational sound. Features the singles “My Own Summer (Shove It)” and “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away).”

Available for the first time in years on vinyl, the double-LP, White Pony is the third album by the Deftones and marks a significant growth in their sound and it finds the band incorporating new wave/shoegaze influences into their signature alt-metal mix. Generally regarded by fans and critics alike as the band's most mature outing, White Pony features the song "Passenger" which includes a guest appearance by vocalist Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle. The song "Elite" was also awarded a 2001 Grammy for Best Metal Performance.

Rereleased on vinyl, the Deftones' eponymous 2003 album served as the band's fourth full-length release overall and follow-up to their 2000 album White Pony. Their last with producer Terry Date, the 11-song set offers up a compelling mix of hard-hitting material and atmospheric numbers including the relentless "Hexagram" and the soaring hit single "Minerva."

Limited edition white vinyl pressing, Diamond Eyes works the way good records used to; each song carries you a little further away from your crappy day until finally, you've been transported to a place that feels a whole lot better than where you started. There's also a newfound sense of purpose that makes Deftones' sixth album stand out. The band recorded the album after their best friend and bassist Chi Cheng sustained a debilitating brain injury from a car accident in November of 2008. The tangle of Stephen Carpenter's woozy, undulating guitar work and Moreno's soaring then secretive vocal style is the bittersweet dynamic behind each of Deftones' records, including Diamond Eyes.

Picking up where 2010’s lauded Diamond Eyes left off, the group’s seventh album, Koi No Yokan ("Love's Premonition") is their boldest yet. Deftones' ability to take their sound to the extremes is as accomplished as ever here, ranging from the pounding opener "Swerve City" to the raging lead single "Leathers" to the mesmerizing "Tempest" and the cosmic "Entombed."

LP Track Listings:

Side A
1. My Own Summer (Shove It)
2. Lhabia
3. Mascara
4. Around The Fur
5. Rickets

Side B
1. Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)
2. Lotion
3. Dai The Flu
4. Headup
5. MX

LP 1 – Side A
1. Feiticeira
2. Digital Bath
3. Elite

LP 1 – Side B
1. Rx Queen
2. Street Carp
3. Teenager

LP 2 – Side A
1. Knife Prty
2. Korea
3. Passenger

LP 2 – Side B
1. Change (In The House of Flies)
2. Pink Maggit

Side A
1. Hexagram
2. Needles and Pins
3. Minerva
4. Good Morning Beautiful
5. Deathblow
6. When Girls Telephone Boys

Side B
1. Battle-Axe
2. Lucky You
3. Bloody Cape
4. Anniversary of An Uninteresting Event
5. Moana

Side A
1. Diamond Eyes
2. Royal
4. You've Seen The Butcher
5. Beauty School
6. Prince

Side B
1. Rocket Skates
2. Sextape
3. Risk
4. 976-EVIL
5. This Place Is Death

Side A
1. Swerve City
2. Romantic Dreams
3. Leathers
4. Poltergeist
5. Entombed
6. Graphic Nature

Side B
1. Tempest
2. Gauze
3. Rosemary
4. Goon Squad
5. What Happened To You?