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Brand:Winning Moves
Features: Board Game
Item #: 2147416X
Available Date: 3/17/2019

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Product Details

The game of mystery, suspicion & foul play! 13 Dead End Drive first hit the scene in 1994. Now this fan favorite is back, by popular demand, to entertain a whole new generation.

Your goal is to be the last surviving heir and inherit Aunt Agatha’s fortune. Which one of her motley crew of friends & employees will it be?

How to Play

13 Dead End Drive is a bluffing game where you need to conceal the identity of the characters you represent.

On your turn you move two of the characters on the board. Movement is determined by roll of the dice. The board is a 3D replica of Aunt Agatha’s mansion, with five deadly traps included.

Characters can meet an untimely death if they are “pushed down the stairs”. “thrown in the fireplace” or if they befall one of the other traps. If you move a character to a trap space, you may spring the trap if you have the corresponding card in your hand. You can bluff by moving your opponents’ characters towards the entrance or by moving your own character onto a trap space, but not releasing the trap.

The portrait above the fireplace contains cards for each characters and Aunt Agatha. When you roll doubles, you may change the portrait.

You can win the game three different ways:

If you can move your own character out of the house when that same character’s portrait is in the frame.

If your character is the last one to survive.

If your character’s portrait is on the wall when the detective enters the main entrance.


  • 3-D Mansion Gameboard with plastic stairs, fireplace, chandelier, bookcase, statue & portrait frame
  • 13 cardboard playing pieces with plastic stands
  • 54 cards
  • 2 dice
  • Plastic clips and rubber band for securing “traps”
  • Cardboard parts sheets
  • Self-adhesive label sheet
  • Illustrated instructions


  • Family board game
  • Ages: 8 and up
  • Players: 2 to 4
  • Dimensions: 20” x 2” x 11.88”

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