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Aaron Robert
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Born in Palo Alto, CA on September 11, 1987, Aaron Robert had the music in him from an early age. His mother will recall Aaron and shaking in his carseat to the rythym of Lynyrd Skynyrd's blues-driven southern rock. Now living in Texas, Aaron began to foster a love for all things classic rock. As a 6th grader, he enrolled in a beginning percussion class, sparking his life-long obsession with the drums. Through his associations at school and church, Aaron Robert began holding jam sessions with Roman Cortez. From the start, they didn't sound like much, but they would soon blossom into a writing and performing duo that would fill thousands of pop-wary ears with the refreshing sounds of classic rock. In high school, Aaron and Roman, joined by schoolmate Seth Greco on bass guitar formed the dynamic trio known well as The Smokin' Guns. Their unique and refreshing sound brought them much success in the local community for several years (The music can still be found online at ). It was in this group that Aaron found himself not only as a vocalist, but as a songwriter. In the later years of the Smokin' Guns, Aaronfound himself listening more and more to the work of artists like Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and Jim Croce. Aaron's writing quickly followed suit. As college found Aaron in Utah, forcing the end of the Smokin' Guns, it opened up a new chapter in Aaron's life musically. Separated from his old bandmates, he began performing solo with his acoustic guitar, and a harmonica around his neck. Aaron returned home to South Texas where his folk style found an audience. Aaron Robert spent the next year writing as much as possible amassing as many as three hours worth of material. In early 2009, he began recording his solo music for the first time.. After months of work, Aaron Robert is proud to present his first full-length album, "The Aaron Robert LP". The LP encompasses several different genres, including rock, blues, country, gospel, etc. You will find it a refreshing throwback to the singer/songwriters of old.


Title: Aaron Robert
Genre: Folk
Artist(s): Aaron Robert
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 1/12/2010
Product Type: LP
UPC: 884501257268
Item #: CDBY125726
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