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Brutti, Sporchi E Cattivi (Ugly, Dirty and Bad) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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Goodfellas present a reissue of Armando Trovajoli's soundtrack for Brutti, Sporchi E Cattivi, originally released in 1976. The soundtrack composed by Trovajoli - famous for standard jazz records, such as Trovajoli Jazz Piano (1959), and soundtracks, including 1973's Sesso Matto (SME 025LP), C'Eravamo Tanto Amati (1974), and The Beat Generation (1960), to name but a few - highlights the composer's skills in this amazing dark humor comedy directed by Ettore Scola. The movie was awarded the Prix de la Mise en scène at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976. Down And Dirty was originally titled Brutti, Sporchi E Cativi in Italy. That translates literally to "dirty, nasty and bad", in reference to the lower-class characters and surroundings in this Ettore Scola film. Scola zeroes in on a particularly offensive Roman family. The stingy patriarch, Nino Manfredi, is personally wealthy but morally bankrupt, and his repulsive view of life trickles down to every member of his clan. Not content with corrupting his own flesh and blood, Manfredi spreads his philosophy throughout his village, where he functions as slumlord. By the time Manfredi's wife and sons begin plotting his murder, the audience is ready for a long, cold shower, with plenty of soap. The music is full of dramatic breaks and loose grooves. Available on vinyl again for the first time since it's original release.


Title: Brutti, Sporchi E Cattivi (Ugly, Dirty and Bad) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Genre: Soundtrack
Artist(s): Armando Trovajoli
Label: GDM / Goodfellas
Release Date: 4/14/2017
Product Type: LP
UPC: 8056099000553
Item #: 1792734X
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