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Product Information

Theme: Armored Core, Video Game Collectibles
Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2645763X
Available Date: 12/31/2024
Model Number: VI062X

Description & Details


A completely new sculpt!

With a design that sets it apart from other ACs in the series, this kit features increased assembly possibilities.

The rugged, military-style design that departs from the sleek, stylish designs of AALIYAH and TELLUS gives the SUNSHINE-L a stronger, more burly appearance that lets foes know it doesn't mind taking a few hits.

The SUNSHINE-L, known for its heavy armor and impressive firepower, has finally received a model kit.

The all-new sculpt faithfully recreates the distinct design down to the finest detail.

In each hand, SUNSHINE-L is equipped with a standard GANO1-SS-WB bazooka that boasts serious firepower.

The back-mounted CHEYENNE02 missile launchers have hatches that can open and close, allowing the model to be posed with the missiles firing.

The back overdrive boosters can also be opened without replacing parts.

The kit can be enjoyed on its own, but when combined with the Variable Infinity (V.I.) series, users can recreate their own Armored Cores from the games.

(This item is a reproduction.)

  • Height: 7.09" (1/72 scale)
  • Materials: PS・PE
  • Package: Lidded Box
  • Ages 15+
  • Country of origin: China

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