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After years of searching for the elusive sensation of heart-rending beauty, Avondlicht releases his debut album. Hyperromance is the culmination of an emotional and geographical journey, as Belgian producer Matthias Dziwak sought to find and examine idealized moments of true romance within the less-than-romantic reality of existence. Having already achieved a great deal with his initial run of EPs for labels like [PIAS], Fog Mountain, and Unit Delta Plus, Antwerp-based Dziwak became obsessed with the concept of Hyperromance - "a moment or idea so heavily romanticised that it seems impossible to be really experienced." The melancholic feeling it sparked in his heart set him off on a journey through Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, via a month-long stay in Amsterdam and finally to settling for six months in Portugal. Throughout this time, he made field recordings and began writing pieces that would feed into the finished album. Along the way he found a full spectrum of moments that allowed him to view the world in a truly romantic way, from the majesty of the Andean mountains and the snow falling on the Amsterdamse Grachten to encountering love in Lisbon. At other times he found himself lost, adrift, and heartbroken, pulled back to Earth, as is the cyclical nature of the human experience. Musically, Hyperromance's grapple with day-to-day reality and rose-tinted fantasy is embodied through the contrast between organic instrumentation and high-definition electronics. Dziwak began writing his songs as simple piano pieces, which then transferred to a staple of synths and sound processing as they became more wholly defined. Sonically, the sound sweeps from modern classical and bombastic electronica to evocative ambient, even touching on jungle and techno along the way. Rather than being defined by genre associations though, Hyperromance is shaped by the swooning beauty of it's composition, as the music pulls you in and out of richly rendered moments of joy and pain following Dziwak on his personal journey of truth and beauty. With visceral life experiences woven into the fabric of the record, Hyperromance is expressive on the most intimate level. It's a record that dazzles with searing bright wonderment and casts creeping shadows as the time passes - a journey as nuanced as life itself, elevated by romance and grounded by reality, beautifully told by Avondlicht. Includes printed inner-sleeve.


Title: Hyperromance
Genre: Electronic
Artist(s): Avondlicht
Label: Formosa
Release Date: 6/12/2020
Product Type: LP
UPC: 3267752038218
Item #: 2294439X


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