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Product Information

Theme: Dinosaurs
Features: Collectible, Figure
Item #: 2589923X
Available Date: 8/5/2024
Model Number: 2690203

Description & Details


Bandai's "Plannosaurus" dinosaur plastic model brand continues with the heavy tank of the Cretaceous period, Ankylosaurus!

This lineup encourages you to learn about dinosaurs by assembling them yourself from the skeleton out! Begin with the "skeletal build," assembling the dinosaur's skeleton piece by piece; the "dinosaur build" then allows you to attach the outer skin parts to the skeleton.

Nippers and glue are not required, so they're easy to assemble, too!

The Anklyosaurus's characteristic full-body armor is faithfully reproduced, as is the hammer-shaped protrusion on the tip of its tail, which is thought to have been able to crush the shin bones of an attacking Tyrannosaurus. The shape of the bony tendon that connects to the bone mass at the tip of the tail is carefully expressed, as is the characteristic solid skull.

Its mouth opens and closes, and the forelimbs, hind limbs, neck and other parts are movable, so you can display it in your favorite pose. Order yours today before they go extinct!


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