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Product Information

Brand:Beast Kingdom
Theme: Animation Collectibles, Peanuts, Snoopy
Features: Collectible, Figure
Item #: 2655801X
Available Date: 1/30/2025
Model Number: VPB-SSB04

Description & Details


When you think of a confident, imaginative black and white Beagle, which comic character comes to mind? That's right, it's him! The entertainment brand "Beast Kingdom" has launched a new addition to its popular "SYAKING-BANG!!" series: a articulable Snoopy functional figurine from the classic comic strip "Peanuts."

This functional figurine retains the unique design of the "SYAKING-BANG!!" series with its exclusive movable joints for the limbs, emphasizing Snoopy's expressive head. In addition to his iconic big ears and smooth face design, the familiar comic-style paint job Perfectly captures Snoopy's quirky and mischievous spirit. Feeling that life's a bit monotonous? Set a goal and start saving with the "SYAKING-BANG!!" Snoopy, and watch your dreams come true!

  • Brand new "SYAKING-BANG!! Series" functional figurine
  • Recreated in an infinitely cute design
  • Heal your soul and unignorable

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