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Price: $16.95

Product Information

Brand:Big Fudge
Item #: 2385422X
Available Date: 6/1/2021
Model Number: BFPAL101US

Description & Details


Big Fudge Record Pal, Vinyl Roller Cleaner. Black Vinyl Record Cleaner in Gift Pack. Silicone Lint Roller for LP Records, Anti-Static Record Duster.

Grab your favorite dusted-up record and play it in an instant without the fuss of a big clean. Because this vinyl record cleaner picks up dust as your album spins from deep in the grooves in under 5 seconds. And, it’s more convenient than a record brush or cloth when you want to listen to your favorite album, ASAP!

Product Features

A QUICK ROLL, AND DONE: With Record Pal, you can grab any dusty record and play it in an instance without the fuss of a big clean. Because this vinyl record cleaner picks up dust from deep in the grooves as your album spins in under 5 seconds.

NO RESIDUE: It’s just like a lint roller, but for your records! But instead of tape, we use a special non-adhesive gel that picks up deep particles without leaving residues behind. And, sometimes more convenient than a record brush or anti static brush

SCRATCH FREE EVERYTHING: Here’s what else you’ll love about this record cleaning roller. You can use it on cell phone screens, computer, and other glass topped things. Why blow dust around? It’ll just land on your vinyl records collection!

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Once your vinyl cleaner has attracted 2-3 albums of dust, you can rinse it under a warm tap and let it dry in time for your next session at the turntable. Also comes with dust-proof cap, so no new surprises stick to it.

THIS YEARS STOCKING STUFFER: Big Fudge Record Pal has been designed BY record collectors, FOR record collectors just like you! It also comes gift boxed for a handy stocking stuffer. But, if this isn’t what anyone wants, you can contact us for a full refund

2” Wide Record Roller (6” Handle)

Comes with Dust Proof Cap

Sleek Packaging for Easy Gifting

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