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Brand:Big Fudge
Item #: 2385308X
Available Date: 6/1/2021

Description & Details


Big Fudge Wooden Record Holder Stand. Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand and Display Stand Record Storage for Special LP Albums. Beech Wood Rack Easel Stand, Fits Regular Vinyls or Gatefold Album.

Whether it’s to show it to yourself, show off, or just show others what they’re listening to, a simple sturdy record stand makes perfect sense. And this portable “Now Playing” style lets you move it around so you can take your favorite artwork to any room you want!

Product Features

Everyone Audiophile Needs a “Now Playing” Stand: Whether it’s to show it to yourself, show off, or just show others what they’re listening to, a simple sturdy record stand is the way to do it. No more propping that album cover against the wall.

Holds Regular and Thick Albums: The base of your vinyl frame is 8 x 3.75” with a 5/8” slot for your album cover. Insert the two rods and it stands 8.75” tall, and perfectly balanced to hold one or two vinyl albums, or double and triple albums.

Match Your Vintage Record Player Cabinet! The Big Fudge Record Display Stand is available in Beech, or darker Sapele Wood (similar to Mahogany or Walnut). And here’s a fun muso fact, Sapele is also popular for making guitar necks! The metal rods are silver.

Won’t Damage Your Covers: Beveled edges on your vinyl display ensure your album covers don’t end up with dents. And if you ever find yourself in more of a digital music mood, you can also use your album holder as a sturdy tablet stand!

Money Back Guarantee: This vinyl holder has been handpicked BY record collectors, FOR record collectors just like you! But if, for any reason your display record storage isn’t what you were looking for please contact us for a full refund. No questions asked.

8 x 3.75” Wood Base with 5/8” Album Groove

With Rods Inserted, Stands 8.75” Tall

Holds 1 or 2 Albums, Doubles & Triples

Holds 1 or 2 Albums, Doubles & Triples

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