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Product Information

Theme: Music Collectibles
Features: Collectible, Statue
Item #: 2606898X
Available Date: 7/24/2024
Model Number: BZW47980

Description & Details


Introducing the first line-up of Blitzway's Black Label: Michael Jackson.

Black Label is the exclusive high-end label of Blitzway, offering figures that surpass the quality and durability of traditional collectibles.

Featuring unparalleled quality, mirroring the meticulous craftsmanship of talented artists and their hand-produced prototypes. From the exquisite in-house paintings to the dedicated exclusive packaging, every detail embodies the essence of Black Label and a limited edition Black Label package, the first line-up of Black Label, Michael Jackson, transcends boundaries.

The head and body of Black Label Michael Jackson are meticulously crafted with intricate detail using resin, a material known for its long-lasting preservation and resistance to deterioration. The costume details are further enhanced with 18k gold plating, reflecting dazzling light in various lighting conditions. Advanced modeling techniques bring a lifelike appearance, capturing the grandeur of Michael Jackson's stage performances.

"The King of Pop, the eternal icon of music, Michael Jackson."

Experience a vivid portrayal of the dazzling King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as he appeared on the stage of the Dangerous Tour.

The Dangerous Tour, held from 1992 to 1993, remains a legendary concert that is remembered for its powerful performances, not only by devoted fans but by many others as well. Blitzway has faithfully recreated every aspect of this iconic tour, from Michael Jackson's expressions as he surveyed the audience from the stage to the costumes he wore and the poses he struck.

The Black Label Michael Jackson figure showcases meticulous muscle definition, with subtle flexion visible in the tightly closed mouth and clenched fist, effectively conveying a sense of tension. It truly exemplifies a level of quality in collectible figures that has never been seen before.

  • Package: Size: W630mm, D370mm, H325mm
  • Product Size: W235mm, D235mm, H575mm

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