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Beyond Thule
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Blue Snaggletooth is an American Heavy metal / Stoner Rock band from Ann Arbor, MI. Fronted by guitarist and singer Chris 'Box' Taylor (formerly of Mazinga, Powertrane, and Michigan legend Scott Morgan), Blue Snaggletooth was formed in 2009, when Taylor teamed up with bassist Ian Harris, guitarist Jess Willyard, and drummer Ian 'Pit Viper' Sugierski. The band released their debut album, 2011's 'Dimension Thule,' limited to 300 copies on blue vinyl with a glow in the dark black light cover. While the first edition of Blue Snaggletooth was solid, it wasn't meant to last, as personal commitments led to Harris, Willyard, and Sugierski leaving the group. But you can't keep a good beast down, and Taylor has resurrected Snaggletooth with a new lineup that's even heavier and more impressive than the first. Guitarist Casey O'Ryan and bassist Joe Kupiec are rock & roll prodigies steeped in hard rock and classic boogie - as Taylor says, 'They're not brothers, but they should be,' and they give the band groove, energy, force, and powerful commitment. With Mike Popovich driving the groove behind the drums and Taylor wailing and laying down rhythm licks up front, this new edition is a hard rock dream machine, ready to take your mind and your ears deep into the cosmos. The second generation of Blue Snaggletooth is working up material for their next album, and Taylor and O'Ryan have already banked fourteen new songs set for release in 2014. If anyone is proving that you can honor hard rock's past while pumping fresh blood into it's future, it's Blue Snaggletooth. Hop on board their spacecraft while there's still room for new riders.


Title: Beyond Thule
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Blue Snaggletooth
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 11/3/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 889211118724
Item #: 1455332X
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