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Four Legs Good Two Legs Baaad!
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There is no one title I can give these guys, unless it's revolutionaries - Michigan State University Contraband 'Throughout history, music has been a source of revolutionary ideas and an expression of modern thought-Caesar Pink and the Imperial Orgy is no exception.' -The Northern Iowan The album stands out as a masterpiece..I wait with baited breath for their next effort. -The Clarkson Integrator Of all the words I could choose to describe Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy, I would choose 'fun.' This album has gotten stuck in my head more than any other album I've listened to for a while. I'll be damned if it didn't have me tapping my foot and singing 'My baby's in love with Robert Plant' at the top of my lungs. - The Maine Campus Newspaper There really is no name for the type of music The imperial Orgy produces; they are defining their own genre. -Centre Daily Times Caeser Pink and the Imperial Orgy is unlike any musical phenomenon one could find. If Bob Dylan had started writing songs in this era, this is what he'd have written. The truly original lyrical performance is brilliant; the words are not just lyrics to a song, but pure poetry. They are not just heard or read, they are felt and experienced. No one walks away untouched. This band does not just make music, they do not just make records; they create art. The artist's goal is not to make friends, but to make thinkers. -The Wisconsin Stoutonian 'Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy bring something important back to music, something that has been missing from the mainstream flow: a questioning of the basis of contemporary society, and an essential irreverent disregard for the ever present commercial authority' -indiemuscireview 'Caeser Pink and The Imperial Orgy stands out like a blazing beacon of originality. This band gives hope to those searching for real rock and roll.'-The Daily Collegian '...even Marilyn Manson would scratch his head....be willing to accept an alternate form of music and entertainment.' -INSight Magazine It's brilliant...I think this is the best CD we've had since the Americans discovered us. - Unpeeled (British Magazine) Subversive band shakes things up! -Maureen O'Malley - University News A listener should expect a sound that exceeds boundaries. It goes beyond crossing boundaries, Pink and his crew don't even acknowledge the boundary's existence. -The North Dakota Spectrum A fantastic record...musical talent, songwriting skills and overall class. Hell, Hillary Duff could be more offensive than this - SomethingFM Magazine Corrupting, seductive, fun, and funky. - Amazon.com 'A redemptive blast of morphing rock religion. It's nigh impossible to suppress the slinky sensuality of Caesar Pink and his disciples - Online Rock ...an unbridled lust for creative freedom and a gleeful 'f*** you' to the norms of convention.-Net Magazine - London, UK Bob Dylan crossed with new wave...Caesar Pink and the Imperial Orgy are definitely ahead of their time.. - Pounce Magazine The Imperial Orgy follows it's own path....Bandleader CAESER PINK's message aims straight for the heart and the mind, often with lyrics using humor to create biting social satire...definitely not for the narrowminded -MusicTrax Magazine If you are looking for a truly unique listening experience, this group should be at the top of the list. - The Rotunda of Longwood University, VA a truly rare band with so much creativity - The Mustang Daily - San Luis Obispo, CA ingenious and creative, striving to push the envelope to another dimension. Their songs are hymn-esque in their hypnotizing mixture of soul-clenching lyrics and a melodic, danceable beat. Catchy music and thought-provoking lyrics are definitely excellent reasons to stay tuned into Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy. That is, if you dare. - The Los Angeles Loyolan 'it's a pleasurable experience from the first guitar hit to the last cymbal crash. If you want to be entertained, try Caeser.' -The Oberlin Review 'Art music at it's best. Leaves you with a spiritual and sexual tingle.'-Musician's Exchange ...it's just filthy - this is nothing but trouble and shouldn't be condoned -Eric W. Seager of Hippo Press.


Title: Four Legs Good Two Legs Baaad!
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Imperial Orgy
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 7/27/2010
Product Type: LP
UPC: 884502467765
Item #: 145208X
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