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Mambo Mundial
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The kings of Cumbia are back! Chilean "world-class party band" (NY Times) Chico Trujillo is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new record, ready to make the world dance once again to the infectious sounds of cumbia! Formerly a side-project for South American punks at the turn of the century, they have evolved as the leaders of the new cumbia movement, first spawning dozens of next generation cumbia bands in Chile, and then helping spread the beat around the globe.

As they release their 5th studio album, they could now be called the forefathers of this 21st century Cumbia resurgence. Their new record is aptly titles "Mambo Mundial" as they share the fun with collaborators from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and USA. It follows the mix of styles they've come to be known for - fast cumbias, psychedelic breakdowns, catchy instrumentals, dramatic ballads -while at the same time expanding into uncharted territories with varied collaborations and even a hip-hop song. The album was laid down at the legendary Funkhaus studios in Berlin following their European tours, where the band would stay and record what they had been working on in their live sets. Pieces were also assembled on tour at the Rauchhaus in Berlin (with Stereo Total's recording guru, Brezel), at Árbol Naranja in Bogotá, at the studios of Panteón Rococó in Mexico City, and at their own Perros con Tiña studio in Santiago, Chile, making it a truly global album.


Title: Mambo Mundial
Genre: International
Artist(s): Chico Trujillo
Label: Barbes
Release Date: 12/6/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 881626547915
Item #: 2215397X


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