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Time Killed the Clock
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Produced By Daniel Boobyer All songs written and preformed by Daniel Boobyer. A Broken Story and Mud On My Shoe feature vocals by Samin Son. Alto Saxophone on Nothing Better Than Snow by Matthew Benton. All recordings by Daniel Boobyer, except ; A Broken Story, Hollow Days, Howling Moon, Good Morning World, Passing Light, and Mud On My Shoe which were recorded by Jared Keesing at Keesing Audio. Mastering By Benni Krueger at Vanguard Mastering. Plate mastering and pressing by Palomino Records in Louisville Kentucky U.S.A. Front cover photo by Mel Mepham and back cover photo by Dominika Zielinska. 2012 Daniel Boobyer. Tasman Records, A Division of the Recording Corporation on New Zealand. 1. Time Killed The Clock was recorded in a sun room In Newtown, with two mics and a pioneer tape deck found in a dumpster. 2. Shake Your Dirty Chain was recorded in an old trade union warehouse building during the winter of 2011. 3. You make My Heart Dance was recorded written an recorded live in one go and has only ever been preformed once. 4. Midnight Shoulder is the marriage of a morning shanty and an dreamy organ walk. 5. Bitter Love is an old song re written with an Akai Head rush 2. 6. A Broken Story was recorded by Jared Keesing at his flat in Newtown. It features vocals by Samin Son. 7. Hollow Days was recorded by Jared Keesing a day after getting my wisdom teeth out, which is why the vocals are so quiet. 8. Dream My Life Away was recorded in an old trade union warehouse building during the winter of 2011. 9. Howling Moon was recorded by Jared Keesing in Newtown in 2011. 10. Good Morning World recored by Jared Keesing, and was written on preformed my cold studio in Houghton Bay. 11. Passing light was also recorded by Jared Keesing in Houghton bay, once and only once. 12. Mud On My Shoe, was recoded by Jared Keesing and has BV's by Samin Son. 13. Swimming Around is memo. 14. I would Do Nothing is the inception of Dream My Life Away. 15. Carry Me To is a 2000 year old hurricane caught in a blues musical. 15. She Don't Give To Lonely Hearts 17. Nothing Better Than Snow was recorded during in a once in 50 years snow storm in Wellington. 18. Sleep For a night was recorded during the final of the rugby world cup 2011 with France VS New Zealand.


Title: Time Killed the Clock
Genre: Blues
Artist(s): Daniel Boobyer
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/28/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 888174049038
Item #: 769363X
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