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Dgelting 1
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Double vinyl LP pressing. 2013 solo album from the multi-instrumentalist and member of the Danglers. Samples using a variety of instruments, as well as sounds derived from miscellaneous sources were recorded for this album during a two-year time period. During this interval of time, Gelting, an upright bassist, had an apartment full of instruments including four upright basses and four pianos. It must be noted that one of the pianos was actually the guts of a piano, another was a baby grand, the third was a prepared piano, and the fourth, a cheap upright. Additionally, frequent 3am break-ins into the university concert hall led to use of a concert grand piano encased in a room not much larger than the piano itself, and a broken harp. The reader will be happy to know that nothing and no one was harmed during these occasions, and a key (obtained through honest means) was used to enter the facility. Additional sources of sound used on the album include bowed cymbal, organ, synthesizers, Fourth of July fireworks, guitar, birds, rivers, a creaky fence, and singing bowls.

Title: Dgelting 1
Genre: Jazz
Artist(s): Dave Gelting
Label: After Music
Attributes: 2PC
Release Date: 2/12/2013
Product Type: LP
UPC: 103060001519
Item #: 527425X

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