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Primitive Substance
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Vinyl LP pressing. "After Liquid Liquid disbanded in 1985, I continued to record electronic music at my home studio in Edison, New Jerseyb ut I decided to mix the songs for Concepts at another studio so I could have another set of ears to help with the mixes. I was lucky when I looked in the local music ads that I to find Gabriel Farm Studios in Princeton, New Jersey owned and operated by Andy Gomory. Andy was a true talent, a keyboardist and arranger, we hit it off immediately. After he recorded my mixes we would record songs together. Andy played drum machines and keyboards while I played percussion, keyboards, and guitar and we both sang. When Andy and I parted ways in the late 1980's I decided to add both drums and percussion as well as overdubs from guest musicians many of which are included on this album. The albums timeframe ends in the year 2004. The later recordings have a jazz feel to it yet still had dance music elements mixed in." - Dennis Young/April 2019

Title: Primitive Substance
Genre: Electronic
Artist(s): Dennis Young
Label: Athens of the North
Release Date: 6/14/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 5050580712591
Item #: 2173956X

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