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American Power
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LP Produced by Mitch Epstein & Erik Friedlander Music Produced by Erik Friedlander LP Designed by Takaaki Okada & Ryan Spencer Mastered by Steve Berson at Total Sonic Media Recorded at Excello Recording, Sepetember 22, 2011 Engineered by Scott Solter Edited by Erik Friedlander at ArconomX All music is performed and written by Erik Friedlander "American Power Suite" I. with speed [electricity] 3:48 II. Flowing, grand [water] 4:01 III. Freely, with forward motion [solar] 3:57 IV. ^#^steady, solemn [crude] 5:27 V. lurching, unstable [fission] 2:16 VI. ^#^elegy [decision] 4:00 Mitch Epstein and I met at at a coffee joint in lower Manhattan one Spring morning of 2011. We talked about his his book, "American Power." Mitch was accepting a prize for the collection and wanted to to mark the occasion with a special presentation that might include music. He suggested I take a look at the book and see if the images kindled any musical ideas. In some photos the grandeur of the structures needed to harness energy from raw materials triggered memories of my little boy's fascination for big machines. In others, the stark effects of accommodating the power industry in one's neighborhood were evident and sobering. I didn't feel these stories needed retelling, however, or craved a score. I was led instead to the source, the power itself: electrical power, hydraulic, solar and nuclear power -- the pace, the heat, the flow as I imagined it, drove my composing and created the backbone for the suite. I wrote technically challenging music -- fast tempi and tricky hand positions -- and in the weeks leading up to the first live performance I realized that the music was quicker to write, than it was to learn how to play! Mitch and I presented a collaboration of picture and music at Les Rencontres d'Arles in June of 2011, and the experience was instructive. Working with the photos in this live situation taught me how to pace the music and where to place improvisation -- crucial information I relied on in recording the pieces for this special project. Misc: Equipment: Luis & Clark carbon-fiber cello, #348, Milton, MA USA; bow made by Louis Gillet, Paris, France, @1950. The music was recorded at 88.2 kHz, 24-bit using ProTools HD, but then transferred through analogue gear by Steve Berson during mastering and recaptured at 44.1/16-bit.


Title: American Power
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Erik Friedlander
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 2/21/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 616892019640
Item #: 179131X
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