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Ex03 (Various Artists)
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The world outside resonates metallic. It's activity humming calm harmonics. You are the stasis. Liquefied. Receiving alien signals. Unseen universes translated into sound. Notes bend like light reflected in a curved, hard surface. Muscles form and tie. Limbs from this soup. Pain is not the word for it. This flux. Detach from your body. Listen to it bubble and evolve. Guess your shape. Serene. Yet you'll grow impatient. Anxious to be free as the world vibrates. You have your life to be getting on with after all. How long have you been in here? What will you find when you emerge? Celebrations? Or stamped on like a roach? Will you be wonderful with color and wingspan? Dancing for a mate. You wonder as you wait and change. Change and wait. Would you be content on a diet of dirt? It goes like this. Your thoughts in circles. Dream chasing worry. Worry chasing dream. Waiting to be reborn. Maybe You'll soar. Riding warm swells on summer days. Or will you dwell in the dark? No use for eyes. Only smell. Tasting the air for a sense of direction. Will you find yourself one of a hive? Or will you remain alone? Expanding to crack this shell. Forcing yourself out into the sun. Everything rings different in the light. I am slow in the warmth. A breeze drying my soft skin. Transforming it. Tempering it to steel. Polishing it until it shines. You can't see your face in it. Old friends won't recognize you. And you won't recognize them. Remixed, remodeled, restructured. Bold explorers discovering purpose anew. Before all you did was eat. First steps you stumble. Unsure of how many legs you've got. The sun seems to sing her reassurance. Her welcome. Your joints clank and rattle. Like those of a machine. You move stiff and robotic, but swiftly now. Here comes the rain. Heaven cracks back to throw it's shower against your armor and you feel invincible, immortal. Impenetrable in the private fortress of this exoskeleton. Shrugging off a god's tears. Blood races. Oxygen pumps. What passes for a heart, this heart, is strong. With no measure of time, you busy yourself with the business of being alive. Features Hiele, Polysick, Rembrandt Redandt, Soft Focus, Alois R., Milan W., Fregnacciarius, Elko B., Hantrax, Jonny Nash, Gigi Masin, Suzanne Kraft, Componium Ensemble, and Roger 3000.


Title: Ex03 (Various Artists)
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Various Artists
Label: Ekster
Number of Discs: 2
Attributes: 2 Pack
Release Date: 1/26/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 769791968523
Item #: 1995121X
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