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It's Fun To Dissappear
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Facility Men began in 2015. Singer Teodor Lazar and drummer Paul Gizzarelli sang and banged in the cerebral, cavemen hardcore force, Plates. Bassist Traci Volker was in the art damaged garage act, the Blowtops, and currently sings and plays guitar with garage swamp stompers, Fatal Figures. Guitarist Matthew Smith dropped out of school to go on tour and has played in too many bands to count. He also ran Hi Lo recording where he captured the magic of some Buffalo heavy hitters of yesteryear (Brown Sugar, Plates, Big Suze, White Whale to name a few.) The combination of each member's varying scenes, styles and influences led to the creation of some of the most singular aggressive sounds to come out of Buffalo. After a couple of half baked but promising demo tapes, Facility Men solidified an unparalleled attack with the release of Everyday Pleasures. Put out on Buffalo's own More Power Tapes, Everyday Pleasures delivers five songs of terse and seething, post-punk fury. Facility Men had sharpened the blade, and if the tape didn't convince you, witnessing a live show certainly would. Fast forward three years through practice/recording space losses, the unraveling of personal lives, and the playing out of a history of self sabotage and Facility Men LP has finally arrived. Big Neck Records is proud to present It's Fun to Disappear. The band's debut full length gives us a sonic painting of life in the Facility. The LP contains 12 songs of desperate, melodic, and frenzied Rust Belt hate. Facility Men enjoy Wire, Negative Approach, Christian Death, John Cale, Blitz, the Wipers, Rudimentary Peni, Frank Ocean, the Replacements, Van Halen, and Hank Wood just to name a few. With that being said, please don't expect any genre exercises or worship from this haggard band. Our modern Facility Men have no time for nostalgia or gratuitous nods to the past. The real ones lash out from necessity and It's Fun to Disappear is hopefully only the beginning.


Title: It's Fun To Dissappear
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Facility Men
Label: Big Neck Records
Release Date: 11/8/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 613285796522
Item #: 2214000X


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