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Brand:Infinite Statue
Theme: Film Collectibles, Spaghetti Westerns
Features: Statue, Collectible
Item #: 2656103X
Available Date: 7/31/2024
Model Number: 81510

Description & Details


More westerns. More spaghetti westerns. Infinite Statue continues its series dedicated to the most famous personalities in this genre, with the great Italian and international actor Franco Nero.

With his intense, profound gaze and tough jaw, Franco Nero was just 24 years old when he delighted the public with the film Django directed by Sergio Corbucci, in 1966. The pistol-toting cowboy in search of revenge became a legend, not just in Italy, and many years later it would be one of his most enthusiastic American fans, Quentin Tarantino, to request the honour of a cameo appearance in a scene of his own Django Unchained.

With his long and prolific film career, as actor, director and screenwriter, Franco Nero is an important figure in international cinema, and his other personalities, in addition to Django, have in many cases become symbols of different epochs and genres.

Once again, Infinite Statue wishes to pay tribute to a man, an actor, and the magnificent season of Italian westerns.

When an image, a scene, or a single frame becomes an emblematic depiction of an entire chapter in the history of cinema, as in the case of Italian westerns, there is an absolute necessity to “crystallise” it in the form of a 3D creation. But when the personality concerned is as iconic as Franco Nero, everything becomes easier because the subject in question exists in everyone’s visual archive. The western iconography, the worn gear, the dynamic action and the incredibly destructive weaponry simply provide the setting for a timeless elegance and the penetrating gaze of an actor such as Franco Nero, whose eyes have enchanted generations of enthusiastic film lovers. It is with great pride that we present, for the first time ever, an incomparable symbol of the unforgettable Italian Western films.

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