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The current state of popular music has become so diverse that when you tune in to your resident radio station, you will hear a Norah Jones song back-to-back with an Eminem track. This is the time that the world is ready for an artist that is distinctive, dynamic, & genre bending. An artist of this magnitude sends jolts of fresh sounds to the listener while maintaining the initial integrity of the song concept. This is the time pop culture needs an artist like Fred Niznik. Fred was born in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, NY to parents from the Ukraine, formerly part of Russia. He was raised in northern New Jersey, just a few miles outside of New York City. This highly diverse area allowed Fred to grow into the NYC culture while preserving his European roots. As a child, Fred's parents exposed him to all walks of music, including traditional Russian arrangements, The Beatles, and various classical orchestrations. This was the beginning of his life-long infatuation with music and a worldly sense of musical appreciation. This musical appreciation spawned into a fiery passion to create his own brand of musical expression. Fred then started writing original musical arrangements at the age of 17, and has continued to do so ever since. While Fred's music may not at all replicate the style of his influences, they undoubtedly helped him grow as an artist. These influences range from The Dave Matthews Band, to the Gypsy Kings, to even Radiohead. Fred's music can be described as Pop/Rock, with touches of Jazz, R&B, Latin rhythms, and even 'bits' of Electronica (see 'Bits & Pieces'). His insightful lyrics provide imagery that captivate the listener and put them into scenarios that they've all experienced, taking them on a journey throughout his life experiences. Combining feelings of longing and desperation with ideas of hope and optimism bring the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the course of his arrangements. Fred is set to release his debut album, 'The Renaissance LP', on November 16, 2004. The album was produced, mixed & recorded by Ariel Borujow of Westward Productions. Fred wrote and arranged all ten songs, played rhythm and lead guitar, as well as handling bass guitar duties and the composition of string arrangements. He enlisted an impressive roster of musicians to help maximize his sound including drummers, keyboardists, horn players, and percussionists. 'I have worked on projects from J.Lo to The Strokes, and this project has blown me away as far as the amount of talent and diversity Fred has, he is the truth,' producer Borujow added. As for the future, the sky is the limit. Fred is currently assembling a touring band, and in the meantime hitting up regional open mics and showcases, such as Nashville's Annual Music Conference and the CMJ Music Festival in NYC. The fall of '04 will bring a full-on college tour, as well as a full college radio promotion plan. Fred's album was also currently fully licensed for the upcoming seasons of MTV's The Real World & Road Rules, as well as Jimmy Fallon's winter release, 'Earth to Jimmy'. 'I would love to tour the country to share my feelings, thoughts, and emotions with the masses; and at the same time allow this record that we are releasing represent my TRUE biography of work.' Fred added. The truth cannot be anymore well put than that.


Title: Renaissance
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Fred Niznik
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/14/2004
Product Type: LP
UPC: 825346415826
Item #: CDBY641582
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