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Features: Vinyl Figure
Item #: 2493951X
Available Date: 9/15/2022
Model Number: FUKO64384

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Stir up some good-natured mischief with Boo Hollow’s Nina in her Witch Mobile! Nina and her cat Lucky are cruising Boo Hollow, searching for extra eyeballs to brew up something witchy. Zoom along with her in her souped-up Witch mobile in candy-corn colors.

Paka Paka bridges the world of Boo Hollow and ours. Normally, this haunted little village only appears once a year, but now everyone will be able to bring home the delightful residents who keep the spirit of Halloween humming all year round. Drive home with the Boo Hollow Ride of Nina in her Witch Mobile and scare up some fun.

Vinyl figure is approximately 5.08-inches tall.

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