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Completely Furious
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Somewhere, sometime, somebody said that a two-man band can't play rock and roll. You know, one of those unwritten rules, like the one that says you have to eat dessert last. Anyway, whoever that was, they never got around to telling the Furors, the exuberant guitar/drums duo that was wowing 'em at Max's Kansas City years before the Violent Femmes were even a germ of a notion. Tom and Derek have been playing their unique brand of music for over a decade, outlasting scores of bands with excess baggage like bassists, keyboard players and drum kits with more rack toms than you can count on both hands. Sure, the Furors added a bass player for a short time, but they knew what their legions of fans knew: it just wasn't the same. Even in the studio, the guys keep the additional instrumentation to an effective minimum, rounding out the sound but not choking it full of extraneous notes. Keep it simple, and their energy, enthusiasm and wry wit will carry everything else along. Furors fans will find new versions of some of their old favorites on this LP, mainly 'All Over You in Seconds,' the classic 'Hey, Joni,' 'A Pretty Picture' (potentially one of the greatest country-western songs of all time) and 'A Thing for Blondes.' These songs, along with some great new material, comprise the perfect greatest-hits-and-more package for longtime fans and new converts alike. It takes two, baby. Now ... get furious! Review by Claudia Bell Available in 12' vinyl!


Title: Completely Furious
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Furors
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 12/1/2013
Product Type: LP
UPC: 888174430300
Item #: 1072233X
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