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Ass-Sick Creeps
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Using the artwork and theme of Denton, Texas musician and artist Fishboy's newest record 'Classic Creeps' as a springboard, Saint-Louis-based one-man "whimsical screwball" (RiverFront Times) Googolplexia and Saint-Louis-headquartered sludge-pranksters Butt team up at long last for 'Ass-Sick Creeps,' a split release whose discussion has been on the table since the first year of this century. Careful to balance the billing equally between them, each artist's side is an original composition about the artist on the other side. The tracks, were it not for their unfortunate have-to-stop-the-player-and-turn-it-over vinyl format, flow seamlessly into one another. Luckily for those interested in hearing the continuous nature of this double-B-side record as middle-fingered by the decision to put it on vinyl, a complimentary download is included with purchase. Set on "repeat"! "Ass Disaster," the contribution of Butt members Mario "Seaweed" Viele and Amy Froggpockets, trudges along with a minor-key musical crunch, a constantly in-your-face vocal wail, and a lyrical scatology, containing advice that blends clever musical phrasing with devil-may-care lyrical adroitness on par with some of Butt's most memorable work (see "Cruisin' For A Christmastime Bruisin'" and "Dirty Little Elephant"): when you hear "Don't trust your donkeys to honkeys," you'll think twice about whether the "Ass" of the song's title refers to an equine creature or a person's rear-end (you'll re-think yet again once the phrase "dropping a deuce" enters the picture). The included comic by frequent collaborator Matt Harnish of Bunnygrunt only serves to further complicate the issue. "Butt Release," a triple-entendre (a record being released by the band Butt, including a song about their release from prison, in addition to the excremental implications of the phrase) for the sake of a triple-entendre, is musically somewhat disparate from "Ass Disaster" and plays more like a Tom Waits train-yard murder-ballad than the average Googolplexia song. It relates the tale of the (possibly fictional) criminal careers of Seaweed and Froggpockets, complete with banjo, ethereal whistling, and a boom-chick-a drum rhythm straight from the boxcars. In other ways, the Googz tradition is not broken-an accordion backing track, crappy distortion on the banjo, and a refusal to make anything too glossy. Particularly unusual for Googolplexia is the presence of a real guitar solo (courtesy of Viele), naturally offset side-by-side with a section of scat-singing. Never to be taken too seriously, especially by themselves, Butt and Googolplexia are proud to present 'Ass-Sick Creeps' in all of it's orange-and-blue embroidered glory.


Title: Ass-Sick Creeps
Genre: Heavy Metal
Artist(s): Googolplexia
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 8/14/2012
Product Type: LP
UPC: 466465759943
Item #: 415174X
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