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Haru To Shura
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Haru Nemuri was born in Yokohama in 1995. She started her first band at the age of 17, playing the keys, but when she turned 21 she switched seats and grabbed the microphone. Since then, she has been performing under her current moniker while writing all music herself as well. Her first EP was released in 2016, and shortly after all her shows in Japan sold out quickly. The next year she played some big festivals in Japan, released her second EP and wrote the title track to the film The Eternal Spring. But all that could not prepare the world for what she would do on her debut album titled Haru To Shura, which came out on CD in April 2018. Mixing elements of alternative rock, post rock, (post) hardcore, spoken word and rap music, she created a unique, forward thinking experimental version of modern music, a dense fusion of the quirky qualities of J-Pop, the intensity of post-hardcore and everything in between all at the same time.

An exclusive collaboration with French label (and infamous J-music supporters) Specific Recordings in order to press her first album on vinyl.

A May/June tour will follow this release, with dates already announced in such festivals as Primavera in Spain.


Title: Haru To Shura
Genre: International
Artist(s): Haru Nemuri
Label: Specific Recordings
Release Date: 5/17/2019
Product Type: LP
UPC: 3426300101532
Item #: 2163075X


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