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Product Information

Theme: Hexa Gear
Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2554062X
Available Date: 7/30/2024
Model Number: HG034X

Description & Details


Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Lord Impulse is a third generation Hexa Gear developed by Earthcline Biomechanics.

It is a high grade mass produced predecessor model of Rayblade Impulse. Despite some parts and the frame being the same, Lord Impulse remains an outstanding, universally adaptable machine.

Earthcline Biomechanics was originally developing Voltrex and Lord Impulse simultaneously but the factory producing Voltrex was taken over after SANAT’s seizure of MSG. Earthcline Biomechanics was originally developing Voltrex and Lord Impulse simultaneously but the factory producing Voltrex was taken over after SANAT’s seizure of MSG.

Lord Impulse was adjusted to account for some of its shortcomings due to this change from two machines to one, including a larger magazine for the chain gun and automatic grenade launcher, as well as the addition of the trick blade, which will be further explained below. However, despite these additions, it is widely acknowledged that Lord Impulse lacks in firepower and is usually seen with additional weapons in battle.

In response to these customizations, an order was given to avoid over-arming the machine, since it would lessen its qualities as a third generation Hexa Gear and be a hindrance to its troops in battle.

The articulated thrusters installed on either side of the front of the machine are not intended for acceleration, but rather as instant attitude control in the air while jumping.

The “trick blade” that extends from the back of the machine is a multi-jointed mechanical arm.

The tip of the arm is equipped with an adjustable claw. This weapon can be used as a fifth arm in close quarters combat, tearing enemy Governors from machines when passing by at high speed.

The arm can also hold firearms or melee weapons. With the trick blade’s sturdy construction under the Zoatex control system, the weapon becomes both resilient and swift, surpassing the range and utility of Voltrex’s tail blade.

The weight of the trick blade leads to an increase in the machine’s overall weight as well as decrease in mobility. For this reason, the weapon was deemed unnecessary for standard use on the derivative model, Rayblade Impulse.

Model Specifications:.

  • The distinctive “trick blade” tail is flexible and can be posed to give the model an animalistic appearance. The blades on the tip can be opened and closed to hold items such as small weapons. The weapon is connected with 3mm connection joints, allowing for infinite connection with multiple kits.
  • The mouth part “hound bite” can open and close, allowing it to hold alternative parts or weapons such as WEAPON UNIT06 SAMURAI SWORD (sold separately).
  • The magazines for the chain gun and automatic grenade launcher can be removed and attached to Rayblade Impulse (sold separately).
  • The strike edges attached to the back of the front feet have two levels of expansion and a contraction gimmick, allowing them to be displayed stowed or in use. They are also equipped with 3mm joints, making them compatible with Frame Arms and other model kits.
  • The chain gun can be equipped with the included parts to be used as a weapon for Governor models. The parts are adjustable allowing it to be displayed at a variety of angles.
  • The joint for the hips and the back feet use updated parts, giving the model more flexibility than the previously released Rayblade Impulse model. The new parts are also compatible with separately sold Rayblade Impulse model kits.
  • The model can be converted between the combat-based Zoatex Mode or the mobility-based Vehicle Mode.

Included Items:

  • Lord Impulse Model x1
  • Chain Gun Expansion Part x1
  • 3mm Joint x4
  • Archive Card x1

(This item is a reproduction.)

  • Length: 16.93" (1/24 scale)
  • Materials: PS・PE・ABS・POM・PVC (Phthalate-free)
  • Package: Lidded Box
  • Country of origin: China
  • Ages 15+

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