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Sax Maniac
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Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing including bonus track and digital download. The record is encased in a clear PVC sleeve with the logo printed on the font, inside it contains four photographic prints of images by the great Edo Bertoglio (Downtown 81, Jean-Michel Basquiet) allowing you to use whichever image you desire as the front cover! It also boasts newly written liner notes by the legendary James Chance himself. So, get yourself a slice of hot sax - only while stocks last. The New York No Wave legend returns to record store shelves everywhere! Long out of print, it's only right James Chance (White) was back where he belongs, this time it is in the shape of a lovingly packaged reissue of one of his masterpieces - 1982's Sax Maniac. This fantastic Redux version of one of James' most revered records showcases his anarchic saxophone and deconstructionist approach to rock 'n' roll through avant garde arrangements and a blending of contemporary jazz with a true punk ethos. To go alongside the music are four incredible photographic prints of James Chance and Anya Philips by Edo Bertolgio, the director of the now classic movie Downtown 81, which starred Jean-Michel Basquiet and a memorable performance by the James White And The Blacks era band heard here on this record. Drenched in an infinite cool, Sax Maniac is a true document of downtown New Yorks' underground music and art scene in the early '80s. This summer, Futurismo are proud to present a limited edition Redux version of this incredible LP. Remastered and containing a bonus track featuring fellow no-wave legend Arto Lindsay (DNA, The Lounge Lizards).


Title: Sax Maniac
Genre: Rock
Label: Futurismo
Attributes: 180 Gram Vinyl, Limited Edition, Colored Vinyl, Bonus Track
Release Date: 11/2/2018
Product Type: LP
UPC: 634158882098
Item #: 2077404X

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