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Product Information

Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2635058X
Available Date: 9/30/2024
Model Number: KP746

Description & Details


Armored Trooper VOTOMS x JGSDF Type 07 Tank Nacchin! Exclusive to the KOTOBUKIYA SHOP and official international distributors, Nacchin (SCOPEDOG Ver.) also comes in the Melquiyan Forces colors!

"JGSDF Type 07-Ⅲ Tank Nacchin" is an original character created by the robot designer Moi, who is active on social media.


Year 2090.

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) was the first to equip a new type of autonomous tank with a highly accurate future prediction AI.

While most people shied away from this technology and its near-human-level personality and communication skills, Captain Natsuki Kukuri nicknames her own unit "Nacchin" and treats it as an equal member of her team.

One day, while Natsuki and Nacchin are on duty, a sudden incident occurs that changes the world. What they once knew had been altered and fractured, resulting in the strange world they now find themselves in.

These two’s consciousnesses overlap in multiple universes, resulting in different identities.

Nacchin [SCOPEDOG Ver.] is simply one out of infinite possibilities created from the multiverse.

Model Specifications:

  • Parts have been newly painted in the iconic Melquiyan Forces purple. The runners for the kit are made in eight different colors, making it easy to assemble the model in its original color scheme with no painting required.
  • Based on the Scopedog design illustrated by Nacchin's original designer Moi, this new version of Nacchin features numerous newly modeled parts, including the head visor, shoulder armor, and waist unit.
  • This model is a high-spec, full-action model kit with 65 points of articulation.
  • The turret lens on the head made with clear green and clear red plastic can rotate.
  • Scopedog's signature heavy machine gun has been faithfully recreated to match the proportions of Nacchin. The kit also includes a spare magazine that can be attached to the main body using the included joint parts.
  • The kit boasts various articulation features, such as pop-out shoulder and knee joints, and sliding hip joints.
  • This model is compatible with the cockpit seat included in the JGSDF Type 07-Ⅲ Tank Nacchin [EX Ver.] kit and Nacchin Append Parts Set (sold separately). *This kit does not include a cockpit seat.
  • This model is equipped with 18 connection points for the 3mm joints used across the Nacchin series. This allows Nacchin to be freely customized with parts from other series such as M.S.G.
  • The "Eye Panel Part (Looking Forward)" is pre-painted with blue eyes on a black background.
  • The kit includes three additional blank eye panel parts which can be affixed with the included decals to create a variety of expressions.
  • The points for 3mm connection joints on the lower half of the model allow for displaying on the included Nacchin Stand and separately sold New Flying Base.

Included Items:

  • Nacchin (SCOPEDOG Ver.) Melquiyan Forces Color Model
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Spare Magazine
  • Eye Panel Parts (Pre-Painted/Looking Forward x1, Blank x3)
  • Weapon Holding Hands (Left and Right)
  • Universal Grip Parts x2
  • 3mm Joints x4
  • Nacchin Stand
  • Decal

*As Nacchin’s weapon holding hands are larger than the standard M.S.G size, not all M.S.G grips can be used. Please refer to this list for compatible M.S.G WEAPON UNITS and M.S.G HEAVY WEAPON UNITS.

  • Height: 3.82" (1/35 scale)
  • Materials: PS・ABS・PVC (Phthalate-free)
  • Package: Lidded Box
  • Design: KOTOBUKIYA, Shigeo Mouri
  • Ages 15+
  • Country of origin: China

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