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Sunrise /  Super Genesis
7" Single 
Price: $10.80

Vancouver artist Jonny Tobin is an accomplished keyboardist, producer, songwriter, and session player known for his soulful sound and genre fluidity. Making his vinyl debut on Austin Boogie Crew Records, Tobin is poised to turn heads with this killer instrumental 45. In his own words, these tracks are "inspired by the sounds and feelings of hip-hop, electronic music, Saturday morning cartoon/cereal combos, pixelated 90's video games, and 3am drives." "Sunrise" is an exuberant number complete with buttery handclaps, jazzy keys, nasty synth-bass, and bouncy boom bap drums. Midway through, Tobin thrills with a fantastic half-speed changeup. Massive chords swell to a 16-bit crescendo before a smooth breakdown emerges from the chaos. This is a groove you'll want on repeat from the moment you hop out of bed. "Super Genesis" is named after two of the most beloved game consoles of all time. You can imagine hearing this track the moment you flip on the power switch. The beautiful chords, deep groovy bass, and dynamic arrangement make this one a standout.

Title: Sunrise / Super Genesis
Genre: Soul/R & B
Artist(s): Jonny Tobin
Label: Austin Boogie Crew
Release Date: 11/29/2019
Product Type: 7" Single
UPC: 659696501812
Item #: 2226832X

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