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Audiopinturas: Estructuras Verbales Para Voz
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The work of Jorge Eduardo Eielson (Lima 1924 - Milán 2006) in the fields of visual and sound poetry has been conspicuously absent from the international anthologies pertaining to these disciplines. One of the reasons of this absence may be the limited circulation of this side of his broad and complex output as a poet and visual artist. In the past few years, though, this aspect of his work has become better known, and can now be seen, in it's own right, as a valuable contribution to the development of experimental poetry. Jorge Eduardo Eielson called "vocal structures" or "audiopaintings" his experiments in vocal poetry, which were all based on combinatorial analysis and permutations. Of these experiments carried out over a period of five years (1972-1977), only one has remained, and it's author has presented it on several public and private occasions, both in it's recorded form as well as in live performances. It is the piece called Colores [Colors], which is based on the repetition of words that name colors: red, yellow, green, blue; each word has a different tonality. Colores is derived from the permutation of four word-tones, a work inspired by both serialist composition and conceptualism. Audiopaintings: Verbal Structures for Voice (1972) presents for the first time on vinyl the full version of Colores and adds a live recording of the piece performed in 1998. This album is published by Buh Records with the support of Proyecto AMIL, who have joined efforts to develop a collection dedicated to presenting fundamental Peruvian works that operate at the borders of visual arts and sound. The publication also includes a booklet with extensive liner notes by Luis Alvarado, with information on several dimensions of Eielson's relationship with sound poetry, thus becoming a reference album for scholars and collections on the art of voice and sound poetry.


Title: Audiopinturas: Estructuras Verbales Para Voz
Genre: Jazz
Artist(s): Jorge Eduardo Eielson
Label: Buh Records
Release Date: 1/31/2020
Product Type: LP
UPC: 8013137860074
Item #: 2241744X
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