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A killer reading of José Luis Castillejo's TLALAATALA book by Fernando Millan, recorded in Madrid in 2001. Modern or advanced writing is a direct and independent medium, i.e. it realizes and gives presence to a set of relationships without the need of further dependence (as it happened till now in literature) on other media. Words, syllables, stories, sounds, psychology, music, etc., are no longer needed: advanced writing can do without intermediate elements. Modern writing is neither symbolic nor descriptive. It's purpose is the purpose of all modern art: to reduce necessity. The freedom achieved by writing (as a "medium") may perhaps become an inspiration (a "metaphor") of what could be achieved elsewhere (in the "reality"), independently and without imitation. Writing, perhaps the art more subdued to avidity and ambition, an instrument of subjection since it was invented by priests and legislators, has been the last of the arts to seek for it's liberation. Writing itself created the worst of our servitudes that still rules and dominates the world: literality. Because without literality, any servitude to being of metaphorical and reflexive freedom would be impossible. Servitude exists and grows within the bureaucratic and technocratic literality which dominates the world with it's laws, rules, and mechanisms. Freedom of comprehension, and therefore the liberation of writing, can be accomplished through the restoration of the metaphorical character of the so-called "reality", through the destruction of textual literality and the restoration of all the imaginary figures and persons of the psyche in front of the divination of the soul or the spirit. As proved by TLALAATALA, the liberation of writing must go through the elaboration of vacuous structures that should be perceived without being captured, without being fixed through numbers and signs. It goes through a writing where you can no longer state that "the written, written is", since it establishes an imaginary and metaphorical reflection of the vacuity and of the mutual relation of processes and phenomena. Comes in cardboard box with stamp; Includes the original-2001-press 400-page-creative-book with the same title; Edition of 80.


Title: Tlalaatala
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Jose Luis Castillejo
Label: Alga Marghen
Attributes: With Book, Boxed Set
Release Date: 4/14/2017
Product Type: LP
UPC: 769791965508
Item #: 1792518X
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