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Theme: Dinosaurs, Film Collectibles, Jurassic World
Features: Action Figure
Item #: 2546042X
Available Date: 8/1/2024
Model Number: HLP09

Description & Details



Part of the new Fierce Changers segment, these Jurassic World Double Danger Assortment figures take dinosaur toy transformation one step further, as herbivores change into carnivores and back in 10 easy manual steps!

There are 4 different dinosaur-to-dinosaur figures available. Tyrannosaurus rex transforms with Ankylosaurus in 2 different decos. Carnotaurus transforms with Stegosaurus and Baryonyx with Parasoralophus. Demonstrable features of each species are designed in.


  • ​Two dinosaur toys in one! The thrills of Jurassic World come home with these Double Danger™ transforming figures that change from one dinosaur to another in 11 satisfying steps.
  • ​Carnivore becomes herbivore! Taking toy conversion to a new level, each figure transforms from a carnivore species to an herbivore species and back again.
  • ​Transforming fun! At about 7 by 5 inches, these Double Danger figures are part of the Fierce Changers™ line of toys, ranging from 8-step to 28-step transformations! Each sold separately, subject to availability.
  • ​Tyrannosaurus rex transforms with Ankylosaurus in 2 different decos, Carnotaurus with Stegosaurus and Baryonyx with Parasorolophus.
  • ​Great gift! Jurassic World fans ages 6 years and older will want to collect all the Fierce Changer™ toys for transformative fun! Each toy sold separately, subject to availability.

  • Packaging, colors and accessories subject to change. Subject to availability

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