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Product Information

Theme: Kamen Rider
Features: Collectible, Figure
Item #: 2606825X
Available Date: 8/2/2024
Model Number: BAN58613
This product is a special order

Description & Details


From "Kamen Rider Gaim", the 7th "CSM Project Ark" "CSM Lockseed Yggdrasil Set" is now available

Transformation belt for adults " COMPLETE SELECTION MODIFICATION" series, the 7th installment of "CSM Project Arc" which converts items that appeared in "Kamen Rider Gaim" broadcasted from 2013 to 2014 into CSM, "CSM Lockseed Yggdra Silset" ” is now available.

The set includes 6 types of lock seeds related to the company "Yggdrasil Corporation" that appears in the story, and 5 types of faceplates.

Like the CSM Lockseed set released in the past, each Lockseed faceplate has been redesigned to match the prop. If you set the lock seed and faceplate to the separately sold "CSM Sengoku Driver", many unique voices will be activated. The audio content recorded in Lockseed has also been renewed, and ``Arms falling sound'', ``Arms deployment sound'', and ``Transformation release sound'' have been added. Furthermore, it is equipped with multiple modes such as "Modern World Mode", "Helheim Mode", "Ginbar Shortening Mode", and "Inves Game Mode", and the voice activated changes depending on the mode switch.

Character voices can be played by setting the included faceplate to the separately sold "CSM Sengoku Driver".

In addition, by setting the Pomegranate Lock Seed to the separately sold "CSM Sengoku Driver" and setting the Blood Orange Lock Seed to the "CSM Genesis Core" that comes with the "CSM Sengoku Driver", you can create Kamen Rider Savior's Blood Pomegranate Arms. A transformation sound will be activated.

Set Contents:

  • Pine Box Relock Seed...1
  • Lemon Lock Seed...1
  • Forbidden Apple Lock Seed...1
  • Pomegranate Lock Seed...1
  • Blood Orange Lock Seed...1
  • Sunflower Lock Seed...1
  • Black Shadow Face Plate...1
  • Duke Face Plate...1
  • Idun Face Plate... 1
  • Bushin Gaim face plate...1
  • Kurokage Trooper face plate...1
  • instruction manual...1

Product size:

  • Each lock seed...H approx. 82 mm x W approx. 60 mm x D approx. 46 mm
  • Each face plate...H approx. 80 mm x W approx. 48 mm x D Approximately 14mm

Product material:

  • Each lock seed... PC, PET, PP
  • each face plate Face plate... ABS


  • Each lock seed... LR44 x 3 (included) *The set batteries are for testing purposes.

*1. The Lockseed that comes with this product is made to the same standards as the DX Lockseed series at the time, but when attached to the "Transformation Belt DX Sengoku Driver" or "Transformation Belt DX Genesis Driver" Operation is not guaranteed. Please note.

*2. The face plate included with this product cannot be attached to the "Transformation Belt DX Sengoku Driver". Please note.

*3. The "Kurokage Trooper Faceplate" that comes with this product is the same product that comes with "CSM Sengoku Driver Project Arc EDITION".

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