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Item #: 2493571X
Available Date: 7/30/2022
Model Number: SX26W

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The SX series of premium floor-standing speaker stands with a bespoke isolation system, decouples the speaker stands from the floor for class-leading audio performance. The leveling system accessible from the top of the base plate, combined with the included bullseye level lets you adjust level with ease. The heavy-duty base plates provide the perfect platform with a dedicated channel for cable management and a separate, spacious column to fill provided bags with the substrate of your choice. Hard floor discs with silicone pads protect wooden floors and optional top plate adhesive foam pads improve dampening.

Available in 22” or 26” tall models and black or white finishes to match any space or aesthetic.


ISOLATING WITH LOW RESONANCE - Bespoke isolation system and hard floor discs with silicone pads help to further isolate the speakers and stands from the floor. A fillable column with included bags for substrate reduces potential resonance.

SAFE, SECURE DESIGN - Heavy-duty base plates lower the center of gravity so stands are more tip-resistant while added mass lowers the natural resonance of the system.

NO MESS MANAGEMENT - Run multiple thick cables through the dedicated cable column without running out of room or interfering with fill.

VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY - Provides two included top plate sizes for compatibility with a wide range of speaker sizes. Available in 22” or 26” tall models and in black or white finishes to match any space or aesthetic.

SIMPLE LEVEL ADJUSTMENTS – Easily adjust the level of your stands from the top of the base instead of awkwardly adjusting from the floor. The included bullseye level allows you to ensure your stands are set to extract the full potential of your audio system.


  • Construction: Aluminum, steel and plastic construction
  • Top Plate Dimensions: 5.25" W x 6.5" L (13.3 cm x 16.5 cm) and 6.5" W x 9.25" L (16.5 cm x 23.5 cm) top plates included
  • Max Speaker Weight: Maximum Supported Weight: 40 lb (18.1 kg) per stand including fill
  • Load Rated: Fillable Volume: 0.15 ft³
  • Base: Heavy base for improved sound isolation
  • Feet: Isolating carpet spikes with removeable floor protectors
  • Mounting Options: Screw holes in corner of plates to secure to speaker
  • Cable Mgmt: Separate channel for cable management
  • Top Plate: Small and extended top plate included to fit with multiple size speakers
  • Included in the Box: 2 x Stands, 2 x Small Top Plates, 2 x Large Top Plates, 2 x Foam Pads for Small Top Plates, 2 x Foam Pads for Large Top Plates, 2 x Bags for Filling Material, Manuals
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Kanto YU6, TUK and other large speakers or studio monitors
  • Warranty: Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty

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