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Brand:Infinite Statue
Features: Statue, Collectible
Item #: 2656118X
Available Date: 7/31/2024
Model Number: 46778

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According to some people she was Little Nemo’s elder sister, the boy with lively dreams who, alas, died prematurely in 1910. This assumption is quite unlikely, also because Ego’ date of birth, although uncertain, has a much later date. Therefore, a first hypothesis sets Little Ego’s date of birth in May 1983 on the pages of Special Glamour International Magazine Nr 1. However, other people say that her birth took place some years later, precisely in June 1985, on the Nr. 12 of Comic Art magazine. The fact is that she is mentioned in 1910, with two books dedicated to her, one for the Glamour International Production types, and the other for the Comic Art publishing house. Little Ego would have between 19 and 28 years of age, but it is difficult to be more precise without any official records. The girl’s look, anyway, confirms the age range. We would not like to insist on such a delicate topic; we have been even too indiscrete. Instead, we would like to mention, in addition to Italy, a list of countries in alphabetical order that have dedicated books or miscellaneous articles to her: Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and U.S.A. In Italy, is presently present in the Lizard-Rizzoli catalogue. Little Ego is designed and drawn by Vittorio Giardino.

This new edition of the Vittorio Giardino's Little Ego is a reproduction of amost iconic book album of the character. Little Ego is on a "soap bubble" amde in full resin with a special iridescent paint. A great piece for any Giardino collector!

The beauty and elegance of a character like Little Ego are reflected in this statue of highly refined features and its sexy and flexuous figure. A perfect example of artistic balance and anatomical perfection, contained in a collection object of exceptional beauty and absolute prestige. The dream comes true in three dimensions and is reflected to enhance the play of associations present in the stories of Little Ego. An unforgettable character born from the great artistic talent of Vittorio Giardino and finally turned into reality.

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