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Treebranch & Moonlight
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From night to light of day.... Treebranch and Moonlight my latest offering has been a long time coming from the original sessions way back in August 2005. It was conceived much the same as my previous record Reverie, emphasizing mood and presence over (dubs and Polish). Robert Blake organized and produced the sessions and with a coterie of crackerjack players we went for a bit more lush sound by including violin, cello, keyboards and electrified instruments. All recorded together. Meanwhile.... Two massive hurricanes laid waste to much of the gulf coast nearly ruining New Orleans, which was home to my future wife. After much hand wringing and worry, unable to concentrate on finishing the 'bellingham recordings' I decided to put the tapes in storage, record the strictly solo Adios King and leave for New Orleans to rebuild what had been lost to levee failures and floodwaters. Then... Out of the FEMA trailer and again under roof, I grabbed my guitar and headed back to Washington where I was met by members of the group involved with the forsaken project. Discussion was raised about the fate of the album and I considered one simple obstacle. Almost all the songs were released on Adios King in alternate acoustic versions. The answer came in a word, VINYL! Treebranch and Moonlight is a 10' vinyl LP featuring six songs co-produced by Louis Ledford and Robert Sarazin Blake. It was recorded in Bellingham Washington and New Orleans Louisiana. Packaged in special sleeves designed and manufactured by Bison Bookbinding and Letterpress. Each are hand printed on vintage machinery. Included with each copy is a free coupon for digital download of the entire album.


Title: Treebranch & Moonlight
Genre: Folk
Artist(s): Louis Ledford
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 3/29/2011
Product Type: LP
UPC: 884502678512
Item #: 150028X
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