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Victoria Moon
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Chicago's own The Luck of Eden Hall's blisteringly beautiful progressive psych pop gems embrace all the rich spectrum of sound, experimentation and adventure that much loved genre, psychedelia allows but they always have their collective eyes pointing forward rather than back. Unlike most of the gallant combos currently standing in this particular field you'd find it near on impossible to hear anything on their albums you've heard before unless purely by coincidence and nothing more. There's not a hint of plagiarism or variations on, going on here, it's all spanking new and all a wonder to behold. Eden Hall albums always come resplendent with purely great songs, grown up lyrics, beautiful melodies, riffs to die for, masterful playing and singing, craftsmanship, bold invention and spectacularly dynamic production. Victoria Moon effortlessly continues a run of majestic and magnificent masterpieces unbroken since they first re-emerged with 2006's stunning Subterrene. There's nothing more joyful and exciting than stumbling across a band who's music you fall head over heels in love with and then discovering that you've arrived in the midst of their finest hours. And then you get to be there in the here and now to experience them climbing one creative peak after another before your very ears. I'm not going to sit here and pick through the tunes that make up Victoria Moon, it's all great, no filler because there never is. Each track stands on it's own merits but the album is just that: an album you will play from start to finish every time. This is creativity and artistry of the highest order delivered up by adult musicians who love what they are doing and have the true and precious talents to deliver the goods and then some. Where was I when the legendary Luck of Eden Hall were pouring out their masterworks? Well I was here in the thick of it, listening in quiet exultation. (Mick Dillingham, Bucketfull of Brains Magazine 2014)


Title: Victoria Moon
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Par Crone
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 9/1/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 2090504011945
Item #: 1382228X
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