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Magic Source, a project led by producer Björn Wagner, presents Earthrising. Björn Wagner of The Mighty Mocambos, Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band and Mocambo Records, is renowned for creating an authentic and hard-hitting raw funk sound. This new project is a step towards a new style: analog-electronica, or so called cosmic-disco sound. Recorded on a 16-track reel-to-reel tape, Earthrising combines raw unedited live band recording, with the refined production aesthetics of the disco era, including the use of vintage synthesizers, group chants and processed acoustic percussion, for an organic club feeling. While maintaining an un-edited, but highly hypnotic four-on-the-floor groove, Magic Source leaves the old beaten track of cheesy disco-pop and overheard dance classics. The music is an unusual and surprisingly coherent mixture: Earthrising unites rootsy Afro elements (such as almost tribal chants, percussions and a funky rhythm section), with sci-fi score soundscapes (such as ethereal synthesizers, theremin, space-echo and miniature instruments) to an irresistibly grooving beat extravaganza. Cosmic music was known exclusively in the region of north Italy, Austria, and southern Bavaria until recent. Originally an eclectic DJ mixing style that evolved in the late '70s, it combined disco, ethno-groove fragments, electro, Afro-beat, dub, Italo, funk and exotica weirdness to a trancy and danceable turntable symphony. Magic Source creates its very own all-live version of cosmic. Though you will rarely hear anything similar from any other band, there's hardly an eclectic style that sounds more natural than the wonderful album that is Earthrising.


Title: Earthrising
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Magic Source
Label: Favorite Recordings
Release Date: 7/29/2016
Product Type: LP
UPC: 3760179353402
Item #: 1721062X
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