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Product Information

Features: Model Kit
Item #: 2659272X
Available Date: 1/31/2025
Model Number: CX003

Description & Details


The sixth character in the MEGALOMARIA UNLIMITED UNIVERSE series is Mephisto, the much anticipated first male-body style character.

Boasting an impressive 54 points of articulation, the model stands 180mm tall.

Articulation Features:

Mephisto has approximately 54 points of articulation throughout the body. The knee joint, with a new shin articulation, is comprised of a single layer of joints and can be bent inward enough to allow the model to sit in seiza, with its legs folded underneath. New toe articulation also allows for more aggressive poses.

The knee armor can move independently and can be adjusted to the desired position. The shoulders are composed of multiple joints, and they can be pulled forward to recreate a crossed arms pose.

Three-point Wrist Joints:

The wrists are designed to bend inwards almost 180 degrees which allow the hard point to be brought forward.

Mephisto features larger joints than female-body style characters, such as Principal, allowing Mephisto to hold larger, more powerful weapons. The normal wrist joints and spacer can be used freely to one’s preference.


The kit includes seven types of hands. These include hands designed for holding swords, holding guns as well as clenched fists and multiple open hands.

Color Scheme:

The model uses six colors; dark red, black, clear red, light gray, clear blue (partially translucent), and gold (partially translucent).

Included Items:

  • Mephisto Model x1
  • Wrist Blades x1 (Left and Right)
  • Seven Types of Hand Parts
  • Hip Armor with 3mm Connection Joint compatible with Flying Base x1
  • Standard Wrist Joint and Spacer x1 (Left and Right)
  • Single-Piece Rear Armor x1

  • Height: 7.09"
  • Materials: PS・PE・ABS・POM・PVC (Phthalate-free)
  • Package: Closed Box (flap bottom)
  • Design: Katsuhiko Hori, KOTOBUKIYA
  • Ages 15+
  • Country of origin: Japan

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