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Brand:Music Hall Audio
Features: Black
Item #: 2305991X
Available Date: 10/2/2020
Model Number: MINI PLUS

Description & Details


Music Hall Audio Mini Plus Phono Preamp Headphone Amp Black

The music hall mini plus phono pre-amp is a perfect solution for attaching a turntable to today’s audio equipment. It’s a low-noise, high quality phono pre-amp designed to work with moving-magnet and high-output moving-coil cartridges. The chassis helps ward off the effects of stray magnetic fields and provides a safe quiet environment for the sensitive electronics it houses thus providing you with the best sound possible from your turntable.

Hundreds of hours were spent listening to and developing this phono stage during which we discovered a couple of unique and serious sound features:

The addition of cartridge load capacitance – a typically overlooked component, of playing MM cartridges. This adjustment allows you to fine tune the pre-amp to more closely match the characteristics of your chosen MM cartridge.

The trim-gain control – this allows you to boost or reduce the output of the pre-amp to get an ideal match in volume between the output of your cartridge, the volume level of the record you’re playing, and your system’s characteristics. This is an outrageously useful control and one that makes a magnificent improvement to the overall sound from your turntable and record collection.

Product Features

ultra quiet MM phono amp

trim/gain output control

adjustable cartridge load capacitance

high-grade headphone amp

high-quality 1/8” headphone/line output

gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs

energy efficient external switch mode power supply

worldwide compatibility

rigid chassis construction

vibration damping feet

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