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Dead Technology
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The Pass Outs were founded in 2005 by singer/songwriter David Srianni. They have released a single 'Late Night TV' in 2006 and a 5 track E.P (Available for digital download on entitled 'Choose your helmet' in 2007. Since then the band has been working on their Debut Album entitled 'Dead Technology.' Recorded in Melbourne, over a 3 year period (2011-2013) by renowned engineer Tim Johnston who has worked with the likes of: Nick Cave and Stereophonics, the album boasts impressive cameo appearance by 5 of Melbourne's best Musician's appearing as guests, including Brett Wood, Andre Warhurst, Rick Ralli, Tony Andonov and Venom. Having been a songwriter for over 14 years, these 10 tracks featured on this sophomore release really showcase David's song writing and vocal ability. Every aspect of the Album has been meticulously planned from Album Concept, to Album Artwork; the final product is one that rivals any major release in production quality and aesthetics. The artwork designed specifically for this album was done by Chris Wahl, who has worked for Lucas Film and Disney. The concept for the album was developed by David and Chris over a series of months during 2012. From early drafts to final pressing, the artwork has been just as important as the recording. David believes in releasing a quality product and takes his time in developing his artistic vision, from how the album sounds, AND how it looks. For the hard core fans the album will also be available in Vinyl format. There is something about dropping the needle on a record which will never get old. In this age of music downloads and streaming, the Vinyl record still has it's place in the industry, but as an ironic twist, included in the Vinyl edition is a Digital Download card, which can be used to download an MP3 version of the album. With the official release set for March 2014, the album will be available on CD, Vinyl and Digital formats. Along with Skateboards, Posters, Stickers and T-shirts, The Pass Outs are releasing a wide range of Merchandise to coincide with the Album's release. The first single off the album "Show Me What It's Like" will be accompanied by the band's first ever film clip. Shot by Andrew Sirianni and directed by David Sirianni, this in house production really captures the essence of the band and the concept of the album. Being completely independently funded, The Pass Outs deliver hard, punchy riffs, tremendous vocals and glorious sonic sounds, which make for a highly addictive album which will long be remembered. Be sure to visit The Pass Outs online, or at numerous live events in Melbourne. Follow their journey online via Facebook, twitter and YouTube.


Title: Dead Technology
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Pass Outs
Label: CD Baby
Release Date: 3/22/2014
Product Type: LP
UPC: 680569625007
Item #: 1126693X
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