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I Go
12" Single 
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Peggy Gou releases the second of a pair of summer singles. Released via Gou's own Gudu Records, 'I Go' is an incredible piece of club-focused electronic music and showcases a very different sound to previous single 'Nabi'. Described by The FADER as 'the kind of dazzlement you get from light dancing off of ocean water on a hot day: pure dopamine activating bliss' and Resident Advisor as 'a refreshingly low-key jam', 'Nabi' was an evocative piece of slow-burning, 98bpm electronic pop, inspired by 80s synth classics, the piano pieces of renowned composer Erik Satie and the 80s and 90s Korean songs Gou's mother used to play at home during her childhood. 'I Go' takes inspiration from a similar era but this time the energy comes from Gou's love of 90's dance anthems, many of which she revisited during lockdown and an enforced break from touring. Both retain the hallmarks of Peggy Gou's unique take on electronic music; at once both nostalgic and totally modern. But on 'I Go', the tempo, 808s and 909s are dialled right up for a self-motivating anthem that is set to soundtrack a summer when we can all hopefully dance together in our thousands again. Talking about 'I Go', Peggy says: 'When I was a teenager in Korea, we didn't have rave culture like there was in the UK. 'I Go' is a tribute to that era, my own reimagination of the sounds I grew up loving. The lyrics are inspired by a note I wrote on my phone in 2019, staring at myself in the mirror of an airport toilet - I looked so exhausted but there was no way I wasn't going to keep going! 'I Go' is basically me motivating myself, finding courage and returning to a feeling of innocence. I hope people feel the same sense of positivity when they hear it' Meanwhile, Peggy Gou is set to make a handful of DJ appearances in Europe over the summer. These include a huge sold out London event in August in the form of The Pleasure Gardens; an outdoor party in Finsbury Park created and curated by Gou herself and featuring a stellar supporting line up including DJ Harvey, Anz and Spencer.


Title: I Go
Genre: Electronic
Artist(s): Peggy Gou
Label: Gudu
Release Date: 7/19/2021
Product Type: 12" Single
UPC: 5060913701420
Item #: 2423197X


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