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Pierre Vassiliu en Voyages
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LP version. Printed inner sleeve; includes download code. Voyage, to Pierre Vassiliu, was not only the title of an album of his, but also a philosophy of life. Traveling the world nourished his work, and his career allowed him to set foot on every continent. But his most beautiful travels took place in recording studios. A traveler out of obligation in his youth (Algeria and it's war), he became a traveler by taste and acquired an interest in people. Rio de Janeiro, 1968-1974: Eddie Barclay invited the trio Camara and it's singer Tita Lobo to cut a record in Paris. They became the trend of the moment in St Germain des Prés; Pierre Barouh offered them to release an instrumental LP on his label Saravah, that would be recorded at Davout studio by Yves Chamberland, who in turn offered the trio to create the first French-language bossa nova album. A team of singers and writers and it included Pierre Vassiliu. 1975-1978: His first effort after the staggering success of Qui c'est celui-là? (1973), Voyage, came out in 1975, punctuated by the jolts of a train zigzagging between mainstream pop, Latin rhythms, and Herbie Hancock's Headhunters-inspired jazz-funk. 1979-1980: Another label was awaiting him: RCA. This rebirth marked the beginning of Vassiliu's African period. Pierre seemed depressed in 1979. His trips to Guadeloupe with Laura softened him and inspired many songs. 1981-1982: Pierre's former press agent Brigitte Berthelot remembers him being sickened by the trade. Despite money problems, he would create moments of celebration around him, and fantastic tours. 1983-2003: Fired by RCA, Pierre multiplied trips to Africa, and you could hear it in his new record Roulé Boulé (1983). After a single album for CBS, he was dismissed again. Then a family tragedy followed. This was the beginning of a period of very long breaks in Senegal. Of a longing for tenderness in the sun. Love was born again, Lena was born as well; the Vassilius took over a music bar in Dakar and Pierre began writing down what would become L'amour qui passe (1987). It included Vassiliu's only Afro-beat song: "Ça va ça va", with Fela's sidekick Tony Allen on drums. By the beginning of the 2000s, Pierre's recording career seemed to be at a standstill. A handful of fans from his town of Mèze allowed a final album to be funded: Pierre Précieuses (2003). Liner notes in French and English by Guido (from Acid Arab).


Title: Pierre Vassiliu en Voyages
Genre: Rock
Artist(s): Pierre Vassiliu
Label: Born Bad Records
Release Date: 2/7/2020
Product Type: LP
UPC: 3521381557138
Item #: 2260887X
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